Why Do We Need Vitamins?

One of the age old questions people in our industry get asked is "Why do I need to take vitamins?  There is no one answer to this question so we decided to break it down into a few valuable points that may help you too!


1.  Does everyone need to take vitamin supplement?

If you have no health concerns, you eat a sensible diet, live a no/low stress life then perhaps you don't need to take a regular vitamin, but there are times in everyone's life that a supplement is needed.  

No one is always stress free so a Vitamin B Complex can help with calming your nerves.

You don't have access to sunshine everyday so Vitamin D is highly recommended especially for children.

You may catch a virus at work so taking  Vitamin C would be helpful in maintaining a strong immune system or helping you come back from a cold quickly.  

Vitamins can be used to help support a healthy immune system, fight the negative effects of stress and help your body detoxify.


2. What if I eat a sensible diet most of the time but I'm not perfect?

Truthfully, not even the best of the best eat perfectly as there is no such thing.
Even if you are eating purely organic, clean, non-gmo, fresh, juicing etc. you still live in our modern society.  If you live in the city you are dealing with toxins in the environment from cars and buildings so you may want to consider an Antioxidant to kills the free radicals which can damage cells in your body.

If you have a stressful job, stress affects your digestion so you aren't absorbing nutrients and should consider digestion support with a Digestive Enzyme.

If you have children, they are exposed to germs at school, if you take the subway not everyone covers their mouths - we are constantly bombarded with germs and if your immune system isn't 100% you risk getting sick.

Our food isn't perfect and eating 100% organic is costly and not usually possible. Some non-organic food can hold up to 20+ pesticide residues which your body considers a toxin. Finally we live in the north and Winter can be dark so there is no sunshine supplying your vitamin D....see where this is going?

3. My kids are young they are strong!

Yes, children are very resilient but are they 100% sugar-free? Not likely.  Sugar damages the good flora in our gut and feeds the bad bacteria! 

Some children are picky eaters and if their diet is lacking the essentials, they may be deficient in nutrients required to be healthy.  If they are eating sugar, vitamins like B and C and other minerals can help balance their blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings.  It will also help keep their immune system strong to defend against all the germs they are exposed to.  Vitamin D is very important for children from infancy to adulthood. Our bodies do not produce Vitamin D so it must be attained from sunshine, food or supplementation.



4.  I eat ok, but I smoke.

Those who smoke, while it's obviously something we want to see stop, adding a supplement may offer protection against the harmful toxins in tobacco.  Antioxidants binds to the free radicals in the chemicals and reduce the effects smoking can have on health.  

5. I drink alcohol.

Regular alcohol use or abuse can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals in the body, causing harm to your liver  and raising your blood sugar levels.  Alcohol is known to pull magnesium from your body which is an extremely vital mineral your body requires for every day life!  A vitamin protocol recommended by your Dr. or Nutritionist can help with inflammation issues caused by alcohol as well as dehydration which often leads to the morning headaches.

In Summary

As we age our body loses it's ability to absorb nutrients through digestion and a Digestive Enzyme is recommended.  We stop absorbing calcium in our late 20's and we don't eat perfectly and live on a deserted island with no cars. Taking a clean vitamin and mineral supplement can add a lot of value to your everyday life, giving you more energy, help with digestion and maintain a healthy immunity.  

As always, if you are under medical care it's best to discuss your intentions with your MD or ND.  If you have any questions please call us, or click on the links within this article to access information about the vitamins discussed!


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